XFL drops new officials’ uniform

In the midst of all the preseason craziness that filtered out of TDECU Stadium earlier this week, one of the more fleeting announcements was about an updated look for the XFL’s officials.

The tweet shows several officials before a scrimmage between the D.C. Defenders and Seattle Dragons Monday morning. They’re shown sporting short sleeve quarter zip shirts with white stripes and bright red accents. The official’s number appears on the left breast pocket while the XFL logo adorns the right.

The shorts appear to be a mixture of black and blue Under Amour Velocity shorts, without the word mark on the left side of the leg.

The new uniform is a major adjustment from the original XFL officials’ uniforms, which closely resembled those of their NFL counterparts.

XFL Referee David Witvoet oversees the “Scramble for Possession” prior to the 2001 XFL Championship Game between the San Fransisco Demons and the Los Angeles Xtreme.
Image via Original NBC Broadcast footage

While the new XFL may not have attention-grabbing nicknames on the backs of jerseys or provocative cheerleaders, they are clearly making an effort to change not just the gameplay of professional football but also the aesthetic. This looks like a welcome departure from the ordinary and hopefully the officials’ calls this coming season do justice to their new uniforms.

Published by Devin Morris

Lead Editor, XFLMoment.com Auburn University Alum

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