Which XFL Team is Right For You?

With only a few days remaining before the second inaugural XFL season kicks off, a lot of you procrastinators are probably saying “What team should I be a fan of?!”

Here at XFL Moment we decided to create a brief guide to help you decide.


Image via @jloose128/Twitter

Tried and true, picking the team closest to you geographically has long been a mainstay of sports fan demography. Rooting for the team closest to you will make it easier to see your team live. However, in the era of social media and live streaming, your fandom doesn’t have to be bound by physical boundaries.

College Allegiance

There are a lot of former NCAA stars who have found roster spots in the new league. If you already have already dedicated your fandom to a specific school, consider watching these players represent their alma mater in the XFL.

TeamSchool(s) with most players on roster
DC DefendersOhio State (3), LSU (3)
Dallas RenegadesOklahoma (3), Western Michigan (3)
Houston RoughnecksAuburn (2), Boston College (2), Miss State (2),
Missouri (2), Ole Miss (2)
LA WildcatsBaylor (4)
New York GuardiansHouston (2), Kansas State (2), LSU (2),
Maryland (2), Notre Dame (2), TCU (2)
St. Louis BattleHawksWest Virginia (3)
Seattle DragonsMichigan (3), Northwestern (3)
Tampa Bay Vipers Florida (4)

Take the quiz!

If you still can’t decide, let us do the work for you and take this quiz to get a team.

[qsm quiz=1]

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